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REMS (Real Estate Management System) is the standard property software for property managers, property investors and owners of collective property associations. It's now available for integration with Chainels. 

One hub for all things real estate management

  • Access real estate management software from any location at any time.

  • The REMS environment runs within a secure data centre - no need to worry about backups or data loss. 

  • Get yearly software updates so you're never behind the curve.

  • Use the REMS ControlPanel to access data and track KPIs  

  • Set up and automate SLAs with suppliers and service providers.  

  • Digitise document management and assign documents to relevant stakeholders and workflows. 

About Aareon

Aareon is a real estate software and consultancy company specializing in property management solutions. They offer software and services tailored for real estate companies, property managers, and housing associations, addressing aspects such as financial management, tenant and lease management, maintenance, and communication. Aareon aims to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs for their clients in the real estate industry.