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coocoo by prisma 1-1

Looking for a more efficient way to keep your tenants informed? Coocoo by Prisma IT lets you display Chainels messages on TV screens for seamless communication. 

Leverage powerful onsite communication 

Organising an event, running a survey or making an announcement? Get it seen with this digital signage integration between Coocoo and Chainels.

  • Display messages posted on your Chainels timeline throughout your property.

  • Take advantage of an additional communication channel to increase awareness and engagement within your community.

  • Replace printing posters and notices with a less costly and more sustainable digital alternative.

  • Target communication by selecting messages to be displayed only in parts of your building where it’s relevant.

About Coocoo by Prisma 

Coocoo simplifies content creation and sharing through a centralized platform. Comprising four distinct products available for individual or bundled purchase—Narrowcasting, E-commerce, Social Media management, and Landing Page or Newsletter creation—Coocoo empowers users to accomplish all these tasks seamlessly.