How EPP uses Chainels to put its tenants first

EPP uses Chainels to optimise tenant communication, turnover reporting and maintenance tracking across their diverse portfolio of retail and office assets.

EPP is Poland's largest asset manager of retail real estate. It has a diverse portfolio of 29 retail properties and six offices complexes.

The company is committed to deliver the best possible rates of return to its shareholders and JV partners by providing tenants with attractive and innovatively managed space to support their business growth.

In response to the changing needs of businesses and consumers, EPP sought to enhance its competitiveness by digitalising operations.

That’s one reason why, in 2021, it started using Chainels’ tenant experience platform to host their white-labelled app—EPP Connect. 

“Our aim was to integrate multiple communication and reporting channels into one app and therefore make tenant cooperation easier and faster,” says Urszula Matej-Bil, PR and Communications Director at EPP.

The need for streamlined communications emerged as even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the rapid responsiveness and remote accessibility were crucial.

“Communications was very important at this time because sanitary regulations were changing constantly. For example, the shops had to limit the number of people they allowed in, and the limits changed frequently. Having a single channel through which we could easily communicate with all our tenants was a big advantage.”                           

A move toward greater digitalisation

EPP’s move to Chainels is part of a broader strategy of digitisation. In order to increase efficiency, EPP aims to replace manual processes with more streamlined digital solutions.

“Pandemic aside, using Chainels to host EPP Connect was part of our global strategy to digitise our operations. We wanted to upgrade our cooperation with tenants in our shopping centres with a modern and innovative tool.”

Smooth and easy tenant communication

With Chainels, EPP tenants can report their monthly turnover electronically. Since they adopted the tenant experience app, it has become easier to collect data on the performance of the centre and the businesses operating in it.

“Now that our tenants can report their turnover on the app, we don’t have to deal with data sent through multiple channels like email or printouts.”

“Data from the reports are also easy to integrate into other software we use. That makes our operations much easier. There are also reminders for tenants to report their turnover on time, which is convenient for us.”


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Delivering convenience through amenities, services and collaboration

Apart from greater communications and data collection, Chainels also helps EPP increase tenant satisfaction by providing amenities and using the platform issue reporting feature to solve problems quickly.

“Using EPP Connect, tenants can book conference rooms and buy advertising placements on display screens and banners within our shopping malls.”

“They can very easily report and track maintenance issues that they report to us. That makes tenants well informed. EPP also uses Chainels to connect their retail communities to create a strong ecosystem where all businesses benefit.”


Reaching ESG goals through clear communication

It’s not just the communications of day-to-day things that EPP Connect enables. The app also supports EPP in achieving its ESG targets.

“With ESG goals set, it’s also important for EPP to use the app to raise tenants' awareness of how they can save energy or reduce and recycle waste.“

Meeting tenants needs through request forms and surveys 

EPP Connect helps tenants voice their preferences so that EPP, as property manager, can meet their needs and provide services.

“Chainels is a great tool for gathering fast feedback from our tenants. For example, we asked them whether they would like to extend the opening hours before Christmas or to take part in a promotional event organised by the shopping centre.”

EPP also uses the app to handle requests from tenants so that it can meet their needs quickly.

“If tenants would like to do something in their shop, for example some kind of renovation, they can simply send us a request and we can accept it on the app. If there are any technical problems at our properties, we can quickly inform our tenants about how they’ll be affected.”

Further digitalisation of the office portfolio

EPP looks to expand their digitisation activities into their office assets, responding to trends of greater convenience and amenitization within office spaces in a post pandemic world.

“We have implemented the EPP Connect app in our first office project – Malta Office Park in Poznań. The app is integrated with our automatic parking system. So far we have had limited channels of communications with stakeholders working in our office assets, so implementing the EPP Connect app is a significant improvement in our operations.”

“Through the app we hope to better and faster meet the needs of our office tenants, allowing them to report issues or give feedback.”

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