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Eindhoven tech incubator TWICE launches white-labelled app with Chainels

TWICE have just launched their very own whitelabeled app from Chainels. Read on to find out how they're bringing their tenant community to life.

TWICE is a tech incubator for a fast-paced ecosystem of start-ups and scale-ups in Eindhoven. They have five buildings situated across two locations, which together comprise a community of 150 companies. Their mission is to connect companies within the tech industry and drive innovation.
They recently started using Chainels as their main medium of internal communication: fixing onsite issues, announcing news and events and fostering positive interactions between multiple members.

“We needed a digital platform through which we could streamline our communication processes and connect with our tenants more easily,” says Karla Wester, Marketing, Communication & Event Manager at TWICE. “With Chainels we can use just one platform for our communications, instead of going between several.”

The platform is whitelabled, so TWICE can add their brand identity, and make the platform their very own. 

But the benefits go further than just communication. “We can gather our own statistics and analyse the available data to see what works and what doesn’t, and that impacts our organisation’s strategy in a positive way. Chainels gives us the tools to continue developing our concept.”

TWICE’s adoption of Chainels came about in response to the evolving relationship between tenants and investors. “Tenants expect more and more from property managers these days,” adds Karla. “TWICE is more than just an office property, we connect start-ups and scale-ups with networks that facilitate their growth. For that reason, a good digital platform that aids communication between multiple parties is a must-have!”

“The TWICE community is a great example of how Chainels can bring companies and incubators together for faster growth and greater innovation," says Erwin Buckers, CEO & Founder of Chainels. "We’re delighted to see the platform is already being adopted by a large number of tenants at TWICE—it can only get better from here!” 

IMG_3131Launch event at TWICE

But it’s not just Karla embracing Chainels with gusto. In the first two weeks, 50% of the companies in the community activated their account—signally a level of engagement that TWICE hadn’t seen before.

“The tenants are very positive about the platform and its user-friendliness, many are already using it” says Karla. “It’s easy to use and it looks good; you just want to use it!

As a company that fosters innovation, their activation certainly showed original thinking. To drive up adoption rate of the app, they placed QR codes on pieces of cake. Users could scan the QR codes and download the Chainels straight from the app store. Talk about food for thought!

Curious to know how Chainels can bring your office community to life? Request a demo today!

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