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Enable tenants to unlock doors with their smartphones. Deliver convenience and peace of mind to your residential, retail, office or mixed use tenants. 

Integrated access control with iLOQ & Chainels 

Got iLOQ smart locks installed on your propertys' doors? Enrich access control through the Chainels app. 

  • Battery and cable-free digital smart locking 

  • With independence from batteries and the power grid, the iLOQ system is always operational.

  • Set up timed access on bookable amenities like shared spaces, loading bays or meeting rooms.

  • Access rights of lost, stolen or unreturned keys can be quickly removed from the system and re-issued.
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About iLOQ

iLOQ specialise in self-powered digital locking and access control solutions. Their innovative products eliminate the need for batteries or external power sources, relying on energy generated by key insertion. iLOQ's systems offer enhanced security, scalability, and convenience for businesses and property management, allowing them to manage access rights efficiently through a digital platform. Their solutions aim to revolutionise traditional locking systems by providing sustainable, secure, and user-friendly access control options.

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