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Eliminate the need for multiple accounts across different platforms with Single Sign-On from OpenID.

Access your entire tech ecosystem, securely and without friction. 

Need to sign-in to multiple platforms? Instead of managing numerous login details, access everything with just one account. 

  • Facilitate login via Google, Microsoft, Apple, or your custom domain to allow end-users and employees seamless access to a range of solutions. 

  • Connect your active directory to manage users and control access across different platforms. 

  • From smart lockers to bike rental and more—allow easy login process between integrated solutions.



oidc x chainels

Frequently asked questions

What technology stack or infrastructure is required for the integration to work effectively?

To ensure effective integration between Chainels and third parties, the following requirements may apply:

  1. A group directory connected to an identity provider (IdP), particularly for custom domain accounts such as @customdomain.com.

  2. Configuration of the Chainels OpenID Connector settings when integrating with a third-party system.

How will data security and privacy be addressed in the integration?

Data security and privacy in the integration are addressed through the implementation of OAuth 2.0, an industry-standard protocol utilized by Microsoft, Google, and OpenID login methods.

OAuth 2.0 provides a robust framework for authorization across various platforms, including web and desktop applications, mobile devices, and IoT. This protocol ensures secure access to user data by employing stringent authorization mechanisms, enhancing data protection and privacy throughout the integration process.

What data or information will be exchanged between our core product and the integrated system?

In the case of Social Login via Google or Microsoft, the core product will exchange limited user-specific information obtained directly from these platforms upon user authentication. This may include basic profile data such as name, email address, and profile picture.

For the group directory integration, the core product will interact with the Identity Provider (IdP) supporting OpenID Connect to access user authentication and authorization data. This exchange typically involves user authentication tokens and specific user attributes required for access permissions within the integrated system.

Overall, the exchanged data revolves around user authentication details and, if permitted, basic profile information retrieved from the respective platforms or Identity Providers to enable secure and authorized access to the integrated system.

How will customer support and troubleshooting be handled for users encountering issues with the integration?

  1. Social Login or Group Directory (Google/Microsoft/OpenID Connect):

    • Users encountering problems with social login or group directory integrations will be guided to seek assistance directly from the respective identity or directory provider support. This entails reaching out to Google, Microsoft, or the specific Identity Provider (IdP) supporting OpenID Connect for troubleshooting and resolution of integration-related issues.

  2. Third-party Integration via Chainels OpenID Connect:

    • In cases where integration involves Chainels OpenID Connect with third-party systems, users experiencing difficulties are advised to approach Chainels' support team for assistance. Chainels will provide the necessary guidance and troubleshooting steps to resolve issues specific to the integration with their OpenID Connect service.

Already integrated with Chainels?

Integrate our OpenID Connect (OIDC) connector into your ecosystem and allow your users to login using their Chainels credentials.