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Provide your commercial tenants with accurate footfall reporting and analytics. Help them better understand visitor numbers and make informed business decisions based on data. 

Enrich your retail communities. 

PFM acquires data through a footfall tracker. Chainels translates it into comprehensible graphs, empowering analysis and strategic planning. 

  • Gather footfall data throughout various zones, stores, and access gates within your building or shopping street. 

  • Analyse data from selected time periods and compare it with previous years, months, weeks or days.

  • Chainels receives daily bulk transfers from PFM through encrypted channels.

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About PFM

PFM Footfall Intelligence specializes in people counting and data science consultancy. Partnering with various sectors, they provide top-tier technology expertise from design to implementation. Globally recognized for their professionalism and expertise, they prioritize collaborative client relationships, working within defined frameworks to achieve realistic goals and ensure positive outcomes.

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