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Chainels integrates with Salto so your tenants can digitally unlock doors directly from the app. 

Enhance security with Salto  

  • Secure every door in your property with keyless access technology.

  • Replace mechanical locks with a digital solution from a leading electronic locks manufacturer.

  • Integrate into Chainels' booking module to allow temporary access to amenities and shared spaces. 

  • Take advantage of smart and secure smart access wireless cloud infrastructure, online and offline

  • Combine easy-access, digital key, ID management, and smart locking solutions for the ultimate smart building experience



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About Salto

SALTO Systems redefined access control in 2001 with SVN technology and wireless smart locks. For over 20 years, their innovative solutions in security, manageability, and design have set global standards, catering to diverse buildings and industries. SALTO stands as a leading provider in smart electronic access control solutions.



Frequently asked questions 

What is the purpose of this integration?

The integration with smart locks serves multiple purposes:

  1. Convenience: It makes it easier for end-users to access the building without the need for physical keys. This is particularly useful in scenarios where people frequently enter and exit, providing a more seamless experience.

  2. Security: Smart locks allow for easier access control. They enable quick revocation of access if needed, reducing the risks associated with lost or stolen keys. Additionally, access can be monitored and controlled more effectively.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Smart lock technology can save money in the long run  by reducing the need to replace physical keys and locks. The scalability and flexibility of digital access also contribute to cost savings.

What are the key features and functionalities of this integration?

The integration with smart locks for building access typically offers several key features and functionalities:

  1. Remote Access: Users can unlock doors using a mobile app or a web interface, enabling remote access to designated areas like the main entrance, parking, or their unit/apartment.

  2. Granular Access Control: The system allows for specific access permissions. For instance, users might have access to certain areas like common spaces, their own unit, or temporary spaces (like guest rooms or meeting rooms) based on their authorisation level.

  3. Temporary Access: Temporary access codes or time-limited access can be generated for visitors, guests, or for accessing certain spaces that users book for a specific duration.

  4. Booking Integration: Integration with booking systems like Chainels Booking module enables users to gain temporary access to spaces they've reserved, such as guest rooms or meeting rooms, for the duration of their reservation.

What technology stack or infrastructure is required for the integration to work effectively?

To make full use of this integration you need the Salto KS cloud solution as well as the Chainels Smart Access Solutions module. 

How will customer support and troubleshooting be handled for users encountering issues with the integration?

  1. Initial Support: Our customer support team can initially check the status of the Salto KS platform. They might perform basic troubleshooting to ensure that the issue isn't related to any system-wide outages.

  2. Advanced Troubleshooting: For more complex issues, especially those related to access permissions, temporary access problems, or system configurations, the problem would be escalated to the Community Manager or designated personnel responsible for the Salto Admin Panel.

  3. Salto Admin Panel Investigation: The Community Manager or relevant technical personnel would then investigate the Salto Admin Panel to diagnose and resolve more intricate integration issues. This might involve checking user access rights, system configurations, or any errors within the Salto KS platform.

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