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MRI acquires data through a footfall tracker. Chainels translates it into comprehensible graphs, empowering analysis and strategic planning. 

AI-first proptech that powers thriving communities

  • Gather footfall data throughout various zones, stores, and access gates within your building or shopping street. 

  • Analyse data from selected time periods and compare it with previous years, months, weeks or days.

  • Receive exclusive shopper insights to make better business decisions 

Need more information on footfall? Visit our blog.  

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About MRI Software

MRI Software is a leading provider of commercial real estate, housing, retail, and energy management software solutions that transform the way communities live, work and play. MRI’s open and connected, AI-first platform empowers owners, operators and occupiers in commercial and residential property organisations to innovate in rapidly changing markets



Collect footfall data and upload to Chainels for accurate insights into visitor numbers.

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Track footfall for daily visitors, events, and compare this data by day of the week.

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Send valuable footfall data to Chainels to oversee centre performance at a glance.

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