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Customer Success Story

Eindhoven's newest construction site on Chainels

Retailers, municipality of Eindhoven City, construction company and households manage communication and alignment on Chainels.

An iconic building will be renovated into a department store. The project is called “Het Nieuwe Warenhuis”. City officials, retailers and inhabitants will communicate in one platform in Eindhoven.

In the Dutch city of Eindhoven, the Hema is situated in an iconic building which served as a shortcut into the city’s shopping street. On the Rechtestraat, the building will soon be renovated into a department store and renamed to Het Nieuwe Warenhuis, which is ‘The New Department Store’ in Dutch.

Commissioned by RJB Netherlands BV and designed by EN/EN architecten, the building is re-envisioned as a three-storey structure with its future tenants dedicated to retail and food & beverage. The original ground floor will be retained and glass facades will offer the city centre a contemporary aesthetic while respecting the urban surroundings.

PropTech to improve communication

Since 2018, the city of Eindhoven has been using the tenant engagement app by Chainels. Stad & Co, on behalf of Hurks (Developer), turned to Chainels to help manage the communication and alignment of all stakeholders during the construction period, which will be completed in mid-2023. It’s an intriguing use case since there will be a diverse mix of users on the platform over the course of the next year. Retailers, the municipality of Eindhoven, the construction company as well as households will be simultaneously using our platform to provide and be informed with the latest news of the construction site and its surroundings.

The focus of the community is to inform the inhabitants and retailers, share important documents, deliver an easy touchpoint with the developer and ultimately create inclusion. For example, everyone utilising the platform could see via a message in the community a map with the construction points were indicated, which would impact the area, so they could take action accordingly. With a single communication platform for the community of Eindhoven, everyone stays informed and ready for anything.

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