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“We can digitalise everything”—a conversation with our co-founder and CEO.

Learn how Chainels has successfully adapted to changing trends in real estate, from retail to mixed-use properties, leveraging technology, customer feedback, and AI, and its plans for future growth in Europe.

Last month, our Chainels co-founder Erwin Buckers spoke to Real Asset Insights about the platform the helped develop over a decade ago.

He discusses the various evolutions taking place in real estate, and how Chainels is positioned to deal with those changes.

Read on to get the insights:

1. Evolution from retail to mixed-use

Chainels has a responsive platform—it has responded to growing demand for new types of assets by broadening its scope from retail to mixed-use properties like residential and office towers on top of shopping centres.

“The advantage for us was that it was easy to be flexible,” says Buckers. “We talked to different landlords and adapted the features of our apps, disabling the ones targeted at retail, such as turnover rent models, to report monthly workflows, and we built new features for resi or offices.”

2. Changing tenant habits

Tenant habits have changed due to the pandemic. Technology has become more accepted and even preferred for everyday tasks such as accessing buildings, booking rooms, and creating communities, driving high engagement levels with the Chainels app.

“A few years ago tenants might not have wanted to use an app to access the building, but now there is no question. Habits have changed and paperwork flows have been removed now, so the app is the only way to do things, whether it’s opening the front door or booking a room for an event.”

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3. Continuous improvement and customer feedback

Chainels values customer feedback and uses it to make modifications and improvements to its app, with a constant focus on evolving and making its technology better.

“We always listen and we learn a lot from our clients. It’s always work in progress, we’re constantly evolving. We’re a technology company with a lot of developers working to make it better every day.”

4. AI as a driver of change

Chainels believes that artificial intelligence (AI) will change the proptech sector by automating simple tasks and allowing people to focus on more important things, indicating a forward-looking approach to technology development.

“AI will change everything, making things easier and smarter. Simple tasks will be automated so that people can focus on the more important things.”

5. Profitability and growth

Chainels has been profitable from the start and has recently raised €3 million in Series A investment to speed up its growth, with plans to expand further in Europe and invest in its team and technology.

“We want to expand further in Europe and we want to keep investing in our team and our technology,” explains Buckers. “We have many requests to work for more companies and our tool is available in all languages and is scalable. “

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Chainels' Proptech Success and Future Growth.

Chainels, under the leadership of founders Erwin Buckers and Sander Verseput, has successfully evolved its platform to adapt to changing trends in the real estate industry.

By broadening its scope from retail to mixed-use properties, leveraging technology to meet changing tenant habits, and continuously improving its app based on customer feedback, Chainels has positioned itself as a forward-looking proptech company.


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