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“It provides us with simplicity and autonomy.” How Chainels helps create a unique culinary experience at Magmaa.

Discover how Chainels enhances simplicity and autonomy for Magmaa, a vibrant culinary hub in Nantes. Led by Coralie Durand, Magmaa brings together nine independent restaurateurs and a bar, creating a unique gastronomic and cultural experience. Chainels streamlines communication, fosters collaboration, and ensures efficient event management, transforming operational challenges into seamless interactions. Explore how Chainels supports Magmaa's mission to connect, celebrate, and engage the community through innovative culinary events and activities.

In the bustling heart of Nantes lies Magmaa, a vibrant culinary haven orchestrated by Coralie Durand, its dedicated operations manager.

Magmaa is not just a food hall; it's a nexus of gastronomic innovation and cultural immersion, where nine independent restaurateurs and a bar converge to craft an unparalleled experience for Nantes residents.

Coralie's journey with Magmaa began at the inception of the "Ile de Nantes" project, a visionary initiative to transform the city's post-industrial landscape into a dynamic hub of living, working, and cultural exploration.

With her background in the restaurant industry and seven years of managerial expertise, Coralie brought a wealth of knowledge to Magmaa's table, elevating the concept of culinary sharing and community engagement.

At Magmaa, gastronomy is more than just a meal; it's an invitation to connect, collaborate, and celebrate.

"Magmaa is above all a friendly place.” says Coralie. “Our ambition is to promote the city’s culture, and help people discover it. We centre our promotional events around gastronomy, music, dance and activities for children and parents, but they’re accessible to everyone.”

Managing complexity 

As Magmaa continued to blossom into a culinary landmark, Coralie encountered operational challenges that threatened its growth. The need for seamless communication, efficient event management, and community support became apparent, prompting Coralie to seek a solution that could unify Magmaa's diverse ecosystem.

“Bringing together such a diverse community of businesses and stakeholders is an ongoing challenge. As we grew, we had to think more about what we can offer, what processes should be in place, how we should communicate with tenants and help them when they’re in difficulty,” continues Coralie.

“On a day-to-today basis, we have to strike a balance to ensure everyone's needs are met. Magmaa is truly its own beast, it doesn’t wait for us. Therefore we have to be dynamic, to react quickly and make sure our internal communication reflects changes.“

Enter Chainels: a comprehensive tenant experience platform that streamlines Magmaa's internal dynamics. With Chainels, Coralie and her team found the perfect tool to simplify communication, foster collaboration, and cultivate a sense of community among Magmaa's stakeholders.

“Given the mass of data that comes with growth, and the information that must be transmitted daily, our previous internal tools quickly showed their limits,” says Coralie. “Chainels provided a single communication channel. It not only allows better oversight from a management level, but empowers the whole community to contribute and communicate via the app.”

Mastering communication

Using Chainels' newsfeed feature, Coralie effortlessly communicates vital information to Magmaa's team and tenants. From fire safety training sessions to planned maintenance and closures, Chainels ensures that every message is delivered promptly and efficiently.

“Before we partnered with Chainels, our information was often provided late, and incomplete.” says Coralie. “Our tenants were left in the dark, which led to frustration. It was therefore crucial that we had a centalised communication tool that everyone could use with ease.”

Additionally, Coralie utilizes Chainels to manage table reservations, facilitating a seamless dining experience for Magmaa's patrons.

“Chainels provide us with simplicity and autonomy. We no longer waste time trying to understand whether or not all our tenants have the right information.”

Using data to elevate community

Chainels goes beyond simple communication; it's a platform for creativity and engagement. Magmaa us the platform to organise and promote events, ranging from concerts and Spanish classes to karaoke nights and drag shows.

Coralie even leverages Chainels to create events for monthly meetings, using polls to gauge attendance and track engagement among Magmaa's diverse community of businesses.

Moreover, Chainels' request forms feature empowers Coralie to address issues promptly and effectively. Whether it's reporting maintenance issues or providing information on problem resolution, Chainels ensures that every concern is heard and addressed with care.

With Chainels' robust analytics, Coralie can track engagement metrics, monitor user activity, and measure the effectiveness of her communications. Armed with valuable insights, Coralie and the Magmaa team can fine-tune their strategies, optimise their operations, and enhance the overall experience for Magmaa's patrons.

For Coralie and her fellow "Magmaa girls," Chainels isn't just a tool; it's a catalyst for growth, innovation, and inclusivity. As Magmaa continues to evolve and thrive, Chainels remains a steadfast partner in their journey towards culinary excellence and cultural prominence.

With Chainels by their side, Coralie and the Magmaa team are poised to redefine the boundaries of gastronomic creativity, one delectable dish and unforgettable experience at a time.

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