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“Tenant experience is a matter of continuous improvement.” SCC's path to tenant satisfaction.

Discover SCC's 60-year legacy in property management, now enhanced with Chainels' SuCCeed. Explore how this white-labeled solution streamlined operations across 100+ assets, elevating tenant satisfaction and achieving ESG goals. SCC's strategic shift showcases them as pioneers in modern retail property management, emphasizing innovation, efficiency, and a tenant-centric approach.

SCC has been managing property assets for over 60 years, starting with Parly 2, a state of the art shopping mall and residential condominium in Le Chesnay, near Paris, France. Since then, they have expanded to 100+ commercial assets across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. Their aim is simple but ambitious: to raise places’ values.

In 2021, they started using Chainels under the whitelabel SuCCeed in their French assets, and the app has continued to positively impact their operations ever since.

We spoke with their marketing manager Virginie Slota, marketing coordinator for France and Belgium at SCC who, since 2021, has been responsible for optimising processes and developing innovation in their shopping centres. 

Driving satisfaction through tech 

SCC’s main challenges had always been satisfying their clients—the shops, restaurants and service providers that make up their shopping centres.

“Tenant experience is a matter of continuous improvement.” says Virginie. “We want to empower our tenants to provide visitors with the best experience possible. Our job is to find innovative ways to help our clients through new solutions and services. Communication plays a big role in that, so our primary aim with adopting Chainels was to facilitate exchanges between tenants and the centres’ management teams.

Beyond tenant satisfaction, Chainels also helps SCC deliver on their ESG goals by reducing paper and enhancing operational efficiency.

“The second important aspect for us was to reduce the impact of paper in our communications. ESG is a key issue for both SCC and our shopping centres. So it was essential to find a solution that would both facilitate exchanges and reduce our environmental impact. Chainels was the right solution for that.” 

Enhancing operations through a white-labelled app 

SCC chose Chainels among various tenant experience apps not just for its wide array of helpful features. Because the app is white-labelled, it allows SCC to customise it and create their own branded platform.

“Chainels was for us the best solution, in terms of functionalities but also in its potential for personalisation” says Virginie. SCC now uses this branded platform to oversee several aspects of shopping centre management.

“We replaced all paper forms with digital ones thanks to the Request Forms module. This saved our teams a lot of time. We can also deal with maintenance requests more easily, and delight our tenants by offering additional spaces through the platform’s Booking module.”

“Our tenants might not have room in their shop, so we supply meeting rooms where our tenants can host events, team-building workshops or business meetings,” adds Virginie.

“Moreover, we can use the app’s feed to quickly ask questions, and tenants can comment to give feedback. Essentially, it works as a social network for our shopping centres.”

Quicker, easier and more sustainable

Work orders, repairs and maintenance is a challenge for any large organisation. But through implementing Chainels, SCC brought more speed and efficiency to their maintenance reporting processes, making them less reliant on scattered channels like email and paper forms.

“When teams encounter an issue, they can promptly notify the maintenance team through our platform.” says Virginie. “This allows the maintenance team to promptly address the concern and respond swiftly. This streamlined process significantly speeds up and simplifies the resolution.”

Moreover, Chainels helps them digitise their process which makes them less reliant on outdated and unsustainable processes.

“We eliminate the need for emailing, printing, filing, scanning, and sending paperwork. Instead, it's as simple as filling out a form within the platform, and the maintenance team promptly handles the request. Essentially, this centralises all the demands, making the entire process quicker and easier for everyone involved.”

Driving up user adoption

Chainels also acts as a platform by which to track user engagement, which indicates the health and vibrancy of their retail communities. For example, at their Place des Halles  property in Strasbourg, they enjoy an average engagement rate of 88% and an activation rate of almost 95%.

“The solution was well received by the tenants. To ensure a good level of user adoption, we organised meetings with all our tenants. With the help of Chainels’ customer success team, we helped unlock the full value of the system. And that’s been a great success for us.”

Leading the way in modern retail property management 

SCC's strategic adoption of Chainels as SuCCeed revolutionised their approach, elevating tenant satisfaction and operational efficiency while championing ESG goals through reduced paper usage.

This deliberate shift to a customizable, white-label platform transformed their management processes, streamlining operations and fostering sustainability. Their proactive engagement and Chainels' support drove remarkable user adoption rates, solidifying SCC's position as a trailblazer in property asset management, showcasing a harmonious blend of innovation, efficiency, and tenant-centric focus.

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