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Unleash your portfolio's potential with flexible feature packages 

Additional services

Maximize platform benefits with our tailored services for seamless user and property team experience.


Portfolio Dashboard 

Manage your entire portfolio from an advanced, comprehensive and user-friendly dashboard. 


White Label 

Engage users with a branded app. We can incorporate your brand's looks and feel into the platform. 


Onsite Launch 

Our operations team are ready to join you onsite, and help launch your new digital community.


Custom Integration

Want to integrate your own software? We work with you to build custom integrations with Chainels

Frequently asked questions

What happens after I request a demo?

After you've requested a demo, the community engagement advisor will promptly receive a notification. We will then reach out to you and provide a detailed demo based on your needs.

During the demo, we’ll share our expertise on how to transform your property and asset management around the tenant and provide some insight as to how our platform can help you do this.

What is the onboarding process?

Once we identify a package that fits your needs, the onboarding process follows these steps:

  • Kick-off: We schedule a kick-off meeting to discuss the data required for setting up your community (e.g., tenant companies, households, users, etc.).

  • Data Collection: We provide a Chainels app template for you to fill in the necessary data.

  • Set-up: Our onboarding specialist sets up your community using the data you provide.

  • Workshop: An online workshop is conducted to teach you how to set up your community with the channels, services, and features you require.

  • Check-up: We perform a final checklist to ensure everything is ready.

  • Go Live: Your community is ready to go live.

What tech do I need to run Chainels?

To run Chainels, you only need a computer, a smart device, and a Wi-Fi connection! For packages that involve integrations, such as Energy Reporting and Footfall, additional hardware may be required.

Is there any implementation cost?

The remote onboarding and implementation process is entirely free of charge. However, we offer an Onsite Launch for an additional fee. If you opt for this service, our onboarding team will visit you onsite to launch your community.

What if I want a white-label?

Certainly! We offer White-Label as an additional service, assisting you in creating a branded white-label app. There's a one-time fee for creating the white label, followed by a yearly licence fee.

I have custom software. Can it be integrated with Chainels?

Yes, we can integrate your custom software with Chainels. The integration process is unique, and delivery times may vary. Here's how it works:

  • Our integration specialist meets with your tech team to understand your requirements and propose a feasible solution.

  • Once you're satisfied, we send you a quote, and our team can begin building a custom integration.

Do I need to purchase additional packages?

That’s your choice! Our Community package acts as a base from which you can add additional packages as you see fit. There is no obligation to purchase additional packages, but by doing so you can access more feature modules.

Which successful communities have you launched already?

Since starting out 10 years ago, we’ve launched hundreds of communities within residential, retail, office, mixed use, transport hubs and city assets.

To learn more about the success of these communities, visit out customer stories page.