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Make your portfolio's safety & security plans universally accessible

Being prepared for any type of emergency situation which can occur in mixed-use, office or residential properties requires a broad range of contingency plans. Even more important, the right plans need to be in the right hands at the right time.

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Chainels contributes to making global organisations safer



Prevention is the best medicine to keeping everyone safe

  • Safety starts with ensuring those gaining access to a building are authorised to be there. Connect Chainels to your building's access control systems and keep authorised contacts 100% up-to-date.

  • Have a procedure in place to instantly warn shoppers or residents in high density areas about potential dangers such as pickpockets or counterfeit money.

  • Evacuation plans and AED locations are one click away from all new and old tenants, employees and residents.

Create clear communication channels in critical situations

  • Tenants in need of urgent help can push the alarm button in the app to activate the building's emergency services.

  • Users in the community are immediately notified when evacuations or protocols are activated.

  • Security teams can push templated messages to quickly inform tenants of what to do for diverse emergency situations such as a fire or robbery.

Crowdsource information about recent incidents and support ongoing investigations

  • While an incident may be in the past, the process of piecing together a complex chain of events will continue after imminent danger has passed.

  • After an emergency, eye-witnesses can provide vital information which can help close unresolved cases.

  • Chainels streamlines these workflows and ensures all protocols are followed, improving security levels on site. For example, the Request forms module lets security teams fill in a standardised audit form to check if the asset complies with all applicable rules and regulations. 


Ready to make your community safer?