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Add Staff Discounts to all communities

By offering loyalty discounts to your community’s tenants, you can boost local spending, encourage entrepreneurs to attract more visitors as well as stimulate your community’s economy.


Staff Discounts is firing up our clients' loyalty programmes


"Thanks to Staff Discounts, we moved our loyalty programme for tenants, which was based on plastic cards, to the app. We no longer produce plastic cards and leaflets with the latest offers each quarter, new employees don't need to pick up their cards, and we can ensure easier access to available discounts."

Adrianna Modzelewska, Operations Specialist at Atrium Poland Real Estate Management

Staff Discounts engages tenants in their community

Community managers as well as local entrepreneurs can make loyalty discounts available to their community to increase engagement within their shopping centres, offices and residential buildings.

With an awesome user experience, tenants will be encouraged to check out discounts on a regular basis and in turn, engage with the platform as a whole.

Discount for local store within Chainels' platform on phone screen

Get the stats on every discount

The community’s engagement with a discount will be logged and can be visualised in a monthly report. This enables community managers to analyse every discount’s performance. Understanding the performance of a discount will help community managers to optimise future discounts as well as provide information for community engagement reports.

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