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Your playbook for going tenant centric

  • Discover what tenant centricity really means and how to implement it in your organisation

  • Understand the changes facing real estate and how to adapt to them

  • Take steps to successfully transition your company from product led to tenant centric. 

  • Find out the role that tech can play in removing barriers to change and meeting the needs of modern tenants


We collected insights from a range of industry experts

Quintin Schevernels

Investor and former Funda CEO 

Bert van Lunteren

Schep Vastgoedmanagers

Frank Hendriksen

Board member
Dela Vastgoed and KFN

Karin van der Ven

General Manager
Fuzer by Amvest

Kelly Scott

Founder & Director
Transitional Intelligence 

René Voortmeijer

Commercial Director
Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep

Tim Aalders

Portfolio Manager
Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep