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Build informed, engaged and connected travel hub communities

Operate, communicate and collaborate all from a straightforward yet feature-rich tenant app, developed to meet the evolving needs of commercial assets within airports and train stations. 

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Newsfeed & Timeline 


  • Let tenants attend events, participate in surveys and sell items from a single newsfeed.

  • Keep tenants informed through targeted announcements and specialised channels.

  • Share knowledge through onboarding documents and how-to videos.


Onsite Amenities 


  • Diversify revenue streams with bookable services like meeting rooms and billboard placements.

  • Stimulate local spending by allowing tenant companies to share perks and discounts.

  • Track performance of discounts and promotions through a monthly report.




  • Create a direct line of contact with managers, tenants and service providers

  • Create groups and facilitate real-time communication.

  • Ensure that vital information reaches all members, bridging communication gaps between scattered channels.


Issue Reporting


  • Make it easy for tenants to request maintenance for damages, plumbing, leaks or power outages. 

  • Set up smart workflows that automatically assign and notify stakeholders to different issue types. 

  • Keep communication consistent and efficient with a messaging interface within maintenance tickets. 

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"Among all the platforms we explored, only Chainels provided a comprehensive package that met all our needs. This saved on costs, and eliminated the need to develop additional features. The platform's affordability and completeness made it stand out as the most fitting solution for our tenant experience requirements.

Stephen Kreuzhuber, Group Lead Digitalisation & Marketing
Vienna Airport City 

The only travel hubs tenant app

Managing commercial assets within airports, train stations or other travel hubs? Chainels can help engage your tenants, and improve the overall health of your communities through enhanced connectivity.  

Specialised in tenant experience

Our in-house product team works to develop features that elevate tenant relationships and experiences for you.

Helps you handle complexity

With a range of plug-and-play feature modules, Chainels helps simplify complex processes across entire portfolios.

Facilitates community building

Encourage knowledge sharing, stimulate local spending, and bring vibrancy to your communities by connecting those who work there.

Understands your needs

We've been in operation for over a decade, operate across 17 countries in 10+ languages, and regularly update features to bring you the best solution possible.


Want to put your brand front and centre?

We can work with you to enrich our tenant experience app with your own unique branding, so you can engage tenants with your own look and feel.  

Ready to establish a supercharged community?