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Tenant-landlord communication: what you need to know

Enhance your tenant-landlord communication with effective digital best practices. Learn how to establish clear channels, respond promptly, be clear and concise, and foster a positive relationship using Chainels' chat module. Build rapport, resolve issues quickly, and create a sense of community for better tenant retention.

Effective communication is a cornerstone of any successful relationship, including that between tenants and landlords.

In today's increasingly digital world, tenant-landlord communication plays an important role in maintaining a positive relationship between tenants and landlords.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some ways to improve digital communication in tenant-landlord relationships.

One clear communication channel, is better than several disparate ones. 

The first step in improving tenant-landlord communication is to establish clear communication channels.

This may be difficult since ingrained and habitual communications channels like phone and email are no longer suited meet modern tenants’ expectations around communication

Having too many different channels of communication can cause a lot of confusion. Records become spread across different text messages, emails and phone calls, and problem solving becomes unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. 

But what if you had only had one source of truth where you could not only set up workflows that get issues resolved quickly and but where tenants could contact you instantaneously through a simple chat interface.

With Chat from Chainels, tenants can send direct messages to property and community managers, as well as other tenants.

Users can also start groups to more efficiently solve problems affecting just one part of your property.

If you’re already using Chainels, it’s important to consider when to send messages on the timeline and when to send them using Chat.

Think of Chat as your go-to for one-on-one communication: information and complaints that only apply to one or a few people. For example, if there is a noise complaint coming from just one unit or floor.

For more general communication, for example, messages which apply to an entire building or property, it’s better to post them on Chainels’ timeline feature. 

Having a clear, consistent communication channel like the one offered by Chat from Chainels means communication becomes easier and issues get resolved quickly. This can have a big impact on tenant retention. In our recent study, we found that 57% of tenants value good communication and responsiveness in a landlord.

Turnover report 23-1

Promptness makes everyone happier

Promptness in responding is another essential aspect of digital communication. Whether it's an email or a text message, try to respond as soon as possible. In our recent tenant survey of residential tenants, 56% also cited prompt response to repairs and maintenance requests as desirable traits in landlords.

Promptness keeps things moving, and helps to avoid misunderstandings. By responding quickly, you prevent minor issues from becoming bigger and more costly, while demonstrating to tenants that you value their time.

Here again, the chat feature from Chainels comes in handy. Much like other tenant-landlord communication channels often used by landlords and property managers—like WhatsApp or Signal—your tenants can message you directly and you can respond in a timely manner.

Only difference is, Chainels’ chat feature is part of your entire tenant experience platform - so you can track maintenance issues, check property message boards without having to go between several different apps. So you can respond to enquiries, complaints and reports much faster. 

Make it clear and concise

When communicating digitally, it is important to be clear and concise. Avoid using jargon, acronyms, or technical terms that the other party may not understand.

Ensure that your messages are easy to read and understand, especially when conveying important information such as rental agreements, rent payments, or maintenance requests.

Visual aids can be a powerful tool in improving tenant-landlord communication. If possible, use pictures, diagrams, or videos to convey complex information or instructions.

For instance, a video demonstrating how to reset a boiler can be more helpful than a lengthy email or text message.

With Chainels’ chat module, you can send files, photos and video to more efficiently communicate what you’re trying to help your tenants with. 

Foster a positive relationship

Finally, remember that effective communication is the foundation of a positive relationship between tenants and landlords. Use digital communication to build a rapport and establish a positive relationship.

Share news, updates, or interesting information about the property or the neighbourhood. This can help to create a sense of community and foster trust and goodwill.

Use digital communication wisely 

In conclusion, digital communication can greatly enhance tenant-landlord relationships if used correctly.

By establishing clear communication channels, being prompt in responding, being clear and concise, maintaining professionalism, using visual aids, automating where possible, and fostering a positive relationship, you can create a healthy and productive digital communication channel that benefits everyone involved.

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