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Accelerate ESG strategies from awareness to action

Organisations are achieving their environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria with our all-encompassing tool which monitors performance as well as connects and mutually informs stakeholders.

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Chainels helps organisations achieve ESG goals


ESG | Environmental

Sustainability via collaboration 

To minimise a portfolio's footprint requires coordination on many fronts. From tenants to landlords to service providers, everyone contributes to a building's daily energy usage and air quality. Our tenant experience app's digital dashboard continuously monitors relevant stats to reach your portfolio's environment-focused goals.

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Strategies to make your portfolio more sustainable

Improve energy efficiency

Integrate smart building technologies as well as tenant data for a complete overview of energy and waste consumption in your buildings.

Eliminate waste by using digital processes 

Stop paper and plastic consumption through the digitisation and automation of daily, operational workflows.

Reduce, reuse and recycle in the community

Involve your community in the waste management process. Inform tenants when reusable building materials are available.
ESG | Social

Communication leads to connection

By offering a single portal to collectively coordinate, discuss and share its social-oriented agenda, your portfolio's tenants are transformed into a thriving community. With tools to make announcements and receive feedback, your property management team can implement precise actions to directly improve the comfort and health of your tenants.

Survey request for feedback on sustainable rooftops initiative
ESG issues on the issue reporting module and their statuses

Turn portfolios into safe and sustainable communities

The use of Chainels contributes to higher tenant satisfaction levels through engagement. The tenant experience app enables collaboration and effective communication through transparent reporting of issues and surveys. Communicate to improve workplace conditions on the fronts of health, safety & security.

Find out how your properties score on key ESG frameworks 

Whether you're reporting energy consumption or enhancing social wellbeing through tenant engagement, we'll help you understand how Chainels can impact your ESG scores.

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Make your portfolio inclusive and resilient

Think local

Offer your community exclusive loyalty incentives to increase your tenants' success, bringing your community's support. Post vacancies in your community to encourage local applicants.

Lead by example

Organise charity events, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities within your communities, inviting tenants and residents to participate. Demonstrate your company's ongoing initiatives to donate to communities in need. 


Safety with the touch of a button

When threats arise, tenants warn security teams and nearby tenants in an instant. Be prepared with evacuation plans and AED locations before an emergency happens.
ESG | Governance

Prioritising transparency with tenants brings mutual benefit

When decision-makers are broadened from the Board of Directors to include those impacted by decisions, the chances of equitable and inclusive outcomes are increased. By including all perspectives through our platform, diversity enters your organisation's governance processes.

Update on Chainels about sustainability with image of balconies with trees

We’re honored to have received the CommuniCare Impact Award at the Global ESG Awards 2024. 

As a company that strives to help landlords reach their ESG goals through facilitating communication, collaboration, and tenant involvement—this award only solidifies our ongoing commitment to that end. 

Give all stakeholders a voice in decision-making

Cooperation is key

Build closer relationships with all levels stakeholders by asking questions to ensure all perspectives have been considered.

Collect all perspectives

By creating a digital and open forum, tenants can share unsolicited ideas and suggestions. Ask for specific feedback with surveys, and make decisions based on their results.

Create bridges for transparency

Share information about your organisation's Board of Directors and offer insights into how governance is structured.

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