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Elevate the living experience with our tenant communication app

Say goodbye to the days of sending emails to mass sender lists without any idea of who read it or receiving few replies. Stop sending reminders by email to all recipients to read previous emails. Know exactly who saw the message and automatically remind only those that didn't.  


Global organisations optimising their communication strategy


Poor communication costs teams countless emails and wasted time


calls and emails are needed to resolve a single issue


hours are wasted due to inefficient contact with tenants

30 to 40%

uninformed tenants leads to low tenant engagement and satisfaction

Chainels takes tenant engagement to a new level.

Engage 95% of tenants with structured communication.

Jorian Broekmeijer

"The biggest advantage of using Chainels for us is having all communication with all stakeholders in one place. Tenants reply to our messages and start interacting with each other. We send out surveys and get their opinion firsthand. This is how we get a closer-knit group of shopkeepers in our centres."

Jorian Broekmeijer, Retail Leasing Manager at Van der Vorm Vastgoed


Ditch mass tenant emailing and opt for targeted communications

  • Use Chat to offer tenants a direct line of communication with their landlord or property manager 

  • Direct the right information to the right individuals, tenants or specific groups with our smart targeting system and stimulate your community with a dynamic newsfeed.

  • Schedule messages to send at the optimal moment, aligned with your management and marketing team's content calendar.

  • With a personalised timeline and follow specific groups to inform, enabling notifications about topics tenants are really interested in.

  • Remind only the users that didn't see a message via desktop, mobile or mail for optimal reach.



Get your tenants' feedback and opinions for specific topics 

  • Save your management team’s time and resources with paperless communication for all safety, operational, and marketing messages.

  • With surveys, get answers and feedback on top topics to increase stakeholder involvement.

  • Engage your community for tenant satisfaction surveys, opinion polls about events as well as polls to easily collect and update your centre's information such as temporary store hours during the holiday season.

Your tenants discover everything there's to do

  • Management and tenants can create, share and promote events for your community and beyond.

  • Schedule and promote activities, campaigns and events with a designated, community-wide calendar. Get stats on the event's popularity within the community.

  • Always be-in-the-know about who is attending with an attendance button.

  • Use a sign-up form and ask custom questions such as dietary restrictions or special needs.

Meet the features turning your organisation into communication experts


Store documents so they are easily findable when they are needed

Keep all files, pictures and folders safe and structured in one centralised hub. Share documents publicly or privately and set viewing privileges for all users in your community.


Give custom pages a designated spot in the menu

Create static pages that are easy to find as tabs, placing all of your relevant information in the spotlight so your community's users can quickly find it at all times. Easily add text and images as well as link documents and external pages directly to them.


Create offers in your communities' marketplace 

Make offers available in your community. Specify the promotion, with the duration, visuals, and teaser text, make it visible on your consumers' website, and best of all have it automatically disappear when the promotion period is over. 


Alert your community with warnings

Warn your fellow occupiers of unsafe situations that don't immediately require action, but need their attention such as counterfeit money, pick pockets, suspicious characters, unlocked doors... 

Ready to revolutionise your way of communicating with tenants?