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“Connecting people is central to our strategy”. How Vienna AirportCity went from business campus to business community

Vienna AirportCity overcame past communication challenges with Chainels' Community app, connecting 250+ companies and 2,200 individuals. Explore how Vienna AirportCity fosters collaboration, community, and tenant satisfaction. Uncover why Chainels, with its personalised features and competitive pricing, proved to be the ideal solution.

Situated right next to the Vienna's main airport terminal, Vienna AirportCity is one of Austria’s most attractive and well-known business locations.

The international business campus offers everything you need in business. Whether that's a rail link, a multi-storey car park, easy access to your next flight departure an events venue, a kindergarten, or even the fitness studio; they're all just steps away. 

But as anyone who manages large assets knows, diverse properties come with diverse challenges.

For much of its lifetime, Vienna AirportCity’s main obstacle was managing communication across such a broad spread of tenants. To help solve this logistical challenge, Vienna AirportCity turned to Chainels.

“Our primary focus has always been to facilitate communication with and between our tenant companies,” says Stefan Kreuzhuber, who leads the Digitalization & Marketing department for the Real Estate and Landside Management at Vienna Airport. 

“Historically, we lacked a direct communication channel with the employees of our tenants. We only had contacts from our contractual partners, mostly CEO or division managers for real estate, but had no opportunity to address a broader audience.”

That’s why, in early 2023, Chainels helped them launch their white-label, Vienna AirportCity. Since then, they've greatly simplified communication, building a strong community in the process. After one year, we managed to integrate more than 100 companies and over 2.200 individuals to our platform."

“Connecting people is central to our strategy,” Stefan continues. “We recognised Chainels’s potential for facilitating collaboration among the diverse set of companies we manage. The app served as a pivotal tool in fostering cooperation, enabling tenants to engage in joint projects and reap mutual benefits. It was a strategic move to create synergy within the business ecosystem.”

For Vienna AirportCity, Chainels acts as an informational platform where Stefan, his team, tenant companies and end-users can share valuable information, and promote their services and events.

But it goes beyond information sharing, the app’s discounts module helps to stimulate Vienna Airport’s local economy while enhancing tenant experience. 

“The ability to promote special offers and services on-site and in the surrounding region helps provide an extra layer of value to the users.” adds Stefan. “This approach fosters a sense of community that strengthens the relationship between the airport and its tenants.”

This is just one example of Vienna AirportCity's larger goal to create additional value for tenants through the power of community.

“Community management is also an important part of our strategy,” says Stefan. “A better community contributes to happy employees, and happy employees contribute to a positive working environment. That makes it easier for companies to attract new talent and retain existing staff. Our focus is on improving the overall quality of life and work for individuals here.”

Adopting a community app was a vital building block in their strategy to attract tenants by creating communities. As a tenant communication app, Chainels also helps them plan and promote events that further reinforce this strategy.

“We organise community events to promote interactions on a more casual level. These events provide an opportunity for people to connect, fostering relationships and creating a more tightly-knit community. The tenant experience app was just one element in a multifaceted strategy aimed at building a thriving and interconnected community within the business campus.”

But why did Vienna AirportCity choose Chainels? After all, the choice of tenant experience platforms on the market is massive, and growing. For Stefan, Chainels stood out with its capacity for personalisation and its comprehensive set of in-built features. 

“Firstly, upon reviewing the app, I immediately saw the potential to customise it to perfectly suit our requirements. Chainels offers a robust set of features, including tenant management and incident management, but what appealed to us most was the flexibility to streamline it to our specific needs.”

Indeed, Chainels boasts a variety of feature modules, from booking platforms, to work order management, request forms, energy reporting, as well as integrations from footfall tracking and digital access control. Partners can pick and choose modules in packages that suit their particular requirements. This flexibility allows Chainels to lend its services to a broad range of asset types, travel hubs included.

“The second decisive factor was the competitive pricing and the cloud-based nature of Chainels. In contrast to other platforms we explored, Chainels provided a comprehensive package that met all our needs without requiring additional programming. This was crucial for us as it not only saved on costs but also eliminated the need for developing additional features. The affordability and completeness of the offering made Chainels stand out as the most fitting solution for our tenant experience requirements.”


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