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Meet the team

Beginning in 2013 as a start-up with an idea, Chainels has since grown into a company offering an all-in-one solution to a diverse portfolio of national and international clients. We are present in 16 countries and serving over 400 communities. Our namesake product, Chainels the tenant experience app, engages landlords and tenants to turn any multi-tenant building or district into a thriving community.



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female workforce


different nationalities


speaks 3 or more languages

Erwin Buckers

Founder & CEO

Sander Verseput

Founder, COO & CFO



The Product Team consists of iOS, Android, Web developers and Product experts. Through each other's strengths and knowledge, we are developing a product that beats expectations with every successful release. In addition to strong technical skills, our team is comprised of ping pong champions, gamers, sport fanatics, Marvel geeks and beer brewers of many nationalities, cultures, and backgrounds.

Christiaan Titos Bolivar

Lead Developer

Benny Onrust

Full-stack Developer

Guido van de Riet

Front-end Developer

Marco Jacobs

Senior Front-end Developer

Aron Banyasz

Product Manager

Federico de Benedictis

Junior Android Developer

Simla Yidirim

Back-end Developer

Shakh Narzullaev

iOS Developer


Our credo is ABC: ‘Always Be Closing’! We listen carefully to the industry to ensure our product will positively impact our clients' business. Working together with Marketing and Customer Success in pods, our Business Development Representatives and Account Executives achieve the best results in each of our focus markets. We frequently hit the road to visit major industry events across Europe including MIPIM & MAPIC in sunny Cannes, France, Provada in our home market, the Netherlands and EXPO Real in Germany.


Floris Welman

Head of Sales

Gino van Oort

Business Development 🇳🇱

Giacomo Mol

Account Executive 

Justine Josso

Business Development 🇫🇷

Rick van der Slikke 

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Fabien Carolillo

Customer Growth Manager 



We don't disappear once we've closed a deal. Instead, our operations team comes in to onboard your community and successfully implement Chainels. We make sure that everything is secure, and work alongside you to implement any integrations. All while providing the support you need to make the most of the platform. 


Aron Banyasz

DevSecOps Engineer

Robin Blankenstein

Onboarding Specialist  🇳🇱 🇧🇪

Roberto Schilthuizen

Platform Support 

Solutions and Integrations Specialist

Caslay Oort

DevSecOps Engineer



The Marketing, Content & Design and Localisation teams collaborate on a regular basis to promote the outstanding work of Chainels' all star Product team while simultaneously propelling the goals of in house Sales and Customer Success teams. Spicy copy and vibrant images come together to form visionary campaigns to both create a stage for and shine the spotlight on our dazzling product: Chainels. The goal? Plant our platform into the hands of every stakeholder in commercial and residential real estate and convince them of the power of a portfolio running on Chainels.


Andre Nguyen

Product Designer

Andrea Marval

Graphic Designer

Melanie Waegeman

Head of Marketing

Nadja Ruhl 

Localisation Manager

Joe Jarvis

Content marketer

Maria Fortini

ABM Marketing Specialist 



A growing team has growing needs, and its our in-house Office Management team that keeps Chainels running smoothly. By adding oil to its engine, Irina single-handedly keeps Chainels moving forward at top speeds. Whether its invoicing or lunchtime orders, she is dotting Chainels' i's and crossing its t's.


Irina Różańska

Office Manager

Warsha Oedai

People & Culture Manager

Our values


Always working together as a team in a fun and friendly yet professional environment is what we strive for. Our goals are ambitious and we work hard for awesome results. We also build a strong team through Friday night drinks, team events, board games nights and much more.


We empower people to become stronger and more confident in what they do. This enables them to develop their own as well as company’s interests in a responsible and self-determined way, allowing them to be accountable for their actions and endeavours.


Openness and honesty can not exist without respect and trust. We are a diverse bunch from different countries, backgrounds and cultures, and respect each other's individuality and uniqueness. But most importantly, we trust the decisions and actions taken are always keeping the best interests of our colleagues and team in mind.

We believe that open and honest communication is crucial for a healthy workplace environment. We want everyone to feel encouraged to share their opinions, ideas, feedback and suggestions. Diversity in points of view is what makes both our company and product grow!

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