The tenant experience app for every property in your portfolio

Save time, gain insights and collaborate with your tenants all in one place.

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Customers that love using Chainels


"Easier and faster communication. Within a month almost all tenants activated their accounts."

Anna Dafna, Deputy CFO of Atrium Poland Real Estate Management

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Achieve operational excellence across your portfolio

  • Save your property team’s time and resources with paperless communication for all safety, operational, and marketing messages

  • Organise your tenant community through a combination of locations, companies, households, roles and authorisations

  • Digitise operational workflows such as performance reporting, ticketing, requesting and booking of spaces and services

  • Switch, configure and manage your assets on a portfolio level for optimal efficiency

User interfaces for discounts, forms and issue reporting accompanied by pictures of tenants
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Give tenants the premium service they deserve

  • Invite your tenants to connect with your building from anywhere

  • Elevate each tenant’s experience and develop a collaborative relationship

  • Make your property’s services, amenities and data easily accessible

  • Reward, update and engage tenants with offers, news, content and events

We make it work!



Expert implementation

Sit back while our team successfully launches your app with our proven set-up strategy and knowledge academy for continued support.


Bespoke brand experience

We offer a white label solution that is fully customisable to resonate with your brand and trigger tenant loyalty.


Seamless connection

Connect the IT infrastructure and software for your service providers into our tenant app for an all-in-one solution.

Used across industries


  • mixed-use estates

  • residential complexes

  • shopping destinations

  • office buildings

  • retail districts

  • business parks

  • transport hubs

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Mixed-use estates

Add value with one hub for all retail, office and residential tenants by streamlining access to the estate’s many facilities.

residential tower block at night

Residential complexes

Neighbours easily get to know, connect and share with one another, bringing a sense of community to entire buildings.

shopping centre with shopping walking through it

Shopping destinations

Turn occupiers of malls, retail parks or convenience centres into collaborative communities.

People standing in office building foyer

Office buildings

Provide companies and their employees with the services and amenities they need to create the optimal working environment.

Buildings in town shopping district reflected in puddle

Retail districts

Elevate the efforts of centre managers through easy communication and data sharing for vibrant high streets, towns, cities and BIDs.


Business parks

Make districts feel closer together through communication even when warehouses, logistics and offices are spread over large expanses.


Transport hubs

Add a digital layer to simplify complex messaging between occupiers and staff of highly trafficked transit nodes for a collaborative way of working.

Ready to transform your way of working?

Centralise your community’s communication, operational processes, files, and results in one app.